Friday, July 22, 2011

NEW "KID" on the BLOCK!

"Roses" has a new baby bull calf. She is an outstanding Mom!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


**Warning! This is a "SMOKEY" Rant and an exercise in Self Indulgent Pontification**

This Book is quite possibly a "CROCK", especially about GRASS FED BEEF.
 It appears to be another example of manipulating data in order to profit from the use of scare tactics.

From the Website CIVIL EATS:

"...Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) new Meat Eaters Guide to Climate + Health. In it, EWG took a close look at how a variety of protein foods rank when their total, “cradle-to-grave” greenhouse gas emissions are calculated. Then we factored in the non-climate environmental impacts (like water pollution) and health effects of meat and confirmed that, indeed, not all meat..."

I am FED UP with the yammering about cow burps and "farts" having some kind of huge impact on green house gas. It’s Bull s__ (no pun intended, well, maybe)! The stated impact by the “Global Warming” crowd is nothing short of...hyperbole.

Using the “greenie” method of carbon offsets, bovines more than offset their gas emissions with what they return to the environment.

-They “harvest grass” and poop the seeds, thus propagating the spread of oxygen emitting grass/plants.
-Their poop/urine is a fantastic source of nitrogen, one of the essentials of life itself, and is a natural fertilizer as well.
-Their weight and hoofs act as “plows” scraping, tilling, and mashing the soil thus allowing seeds to germinate faster

(In fact, an ancient method of planting was to spread seed on the ground and then herd the cows back and forth to mash the seed into the soil)
Just to name A FEW!

Furthermore, your statements on unhealthy fat is flat WRONG when talking Grass Fed. 

The beef that is unhealthy is the feedlot beef that has been fed grains (either conventional or organic)…over use of grain in a ruminant animal changes the chemical structure of the fat content to an unhealthy fat (not to mention the havoc it wrecks on animal health)…Grass fed fat has certain levels of Omega 3 and cancer fighting CLA. 

Oh, and you trust the findings of the USDA, “Really? I beg to differ! The jury is not “out” on grass fed vs grain fed….Many independent studies have proven GRAIN FED IS BAD, Grass fed is NATURES NATURALLY PREFERRED METHOD and better for you.

This book will cause further harm to the individuals who are the backbone of what’s left of our “healthy” food production system…the quickly fading, American icon known as the Family Farm…

Well, done! This book will help to drive yet another nail into their coffins by driving more people away from beef.

For "the REAL FACTS" Read a previous Smokey Rant:
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Sunday, July 17, 2011


A mid-day Siesta (Spanish for resting) in 100+ degree weather. 
Texas is now in the grip of the worst drought on record...