Friday, January 1, 2010


  I'm sure most of you are here because your brain went "What?"....."Organic Green Cow Next Door"(??)....and your curiosity got the best of you, eh? Okay, I will explain, but first:

IT IS "ALL THE RAGE": Eat Healthy, Buy Local, Natural Food, Organic, Green, Farmers Market. These and other buzz terms are everywhere; in the news, at the coffee shop, magazines, etc, etc. But, what does it all mean? How do you know which food, grown or produced by which method, is really good for your well being?

I own and operate a ranch in central Texas and I raise cattle. Grass fed cattle. But, this blog is not about my ranch, our cattle or life on a ranch (although I will write about such from time to time). Instead, I will be giving you my opinions on food and the various production methods. the articles will be based upon my personal experiences as a sustainable "ag" producer, as well as those of my friends and mentors in the agricultural business; plus, some actual scientific data, to guide you through the maze of truths, half-truths, and outright falsehoods associated with the “organic, healthy, natural food” movement. In addition I will add information on where to find farmers markets, interesting facts, some interviews, guest articles, photos and other fun tidbits.

There is a growing awareness in our society that our current commercial food supply chain is coming up short on the healthy side of life. More and more people are exploring ways to eat healthier foods AND to know just where that food came from. Many are migrating to local farmers markets, produce stands, and even a few large national retailers who sell “natural or organic” foods. Most believe that they are eating healthier foods and possibly helping save the planet in the process. But, are they really healthier? Are “natural/organic” foods really better for you and does their production ease the ecological burden on “Mother Earth”?

Questions and more questions. Is your head spinning? I will try to answer these and other questions that arise in the coming posts. But first, the answer to the question that brought you here...

There is one simple truth to the natural food movement. The freshest, most flavorful food is that which is grown closest to where you live. Whether it is in a large metropolis or small town chances are there is a farm or ranch nearby that offers the fruits of their labor to the local public. Hence, “The Organic Green Cow Next Door”.